• Racial Trauma Task ForCE

    The Racial Trauma Task Force (RTTF) was formed in 2020 to raise awareness and educate the public about the effects of racial trauma, while providing opportunities to learn and utilize evidence-based cognitive and behavioral coping strategies for Black youth and families through various Sub-Forces, described below. In addition to impacting the community, the RTTF advances undergraduate and graduates students’ training in understanding the detrimental effects of racial stress and trauma, and the protective role of racial socialization and racial identity in healing from experiences with racism.

    Research Panel

    Responsible for translating and disseminating research applicable to community healing through psychoeducation.

    • Georgia State University Undergraduate Students in Community Psychology
      • Maha Maseer (Translational Head)
      • Ijeoma Ugboh (Empirical Head)
      • Arianna Price
      • Eryka Warren
      • Elizabeth Stone
      • Maymuna Warsama
      • Adrian Wilson
      • Emma Exum
      • Lauren Walker
      • Asia Williams
    • University of Georgia Graduate Students in Psychology

    Podcast Cast & Crew

    Responsible for hosting and producing the Black & EMPOWERed podcast, and developing the social media support to promote the podcast.

    Community Outreach

    Responsible for coordinating and disseminating a Community Needs Assessment in Cobb, Clayton, Gwinett, Dekalb, and Fulton Counties, in Georgia, the #RacismHurts Public Health Messaging Campaign, Racial Trauma Guide, and other materials developed by the RTTF throughout the community.

    • Georgia State University Undergraduate Students in Community Psychology

      • Devante Lovett (Co-Head)
      • Yailiin Pena-Martinez (Co-Head)
      • Erica Abdur-Rahim
      • Alisa Brooks
      • Keandra Mcgregor
    • University of Georgia Graduate Student Members in Psychology

      Social Media Team

      Responsible for disseminating psychoeducational materials, online trainings and opportunities for continuing education, fostering communication around social justice, and promoting EMPOWER Lab initiatives.

      • Georgia State University Undergraduate Students in Community Psychology

        • Tazia Milkey (Head)
        • Jasmine May
        • McKenzie Hill
        • Melissa Vo
        • Jazzlun Smith
        • Charline Hardeman
      • University of Georgia Students and Staff

      EMPOWERhood Web App

      Responsible for developing and deploying the EMPOWERhood, a digital platform that allows community youth to engaged in self-paced psychoeducation and practice cognitive-behavioral strategies for coping with racial trauma.

      • Georgia State University Undergraduate Students in Community Psychology

        • Chinelo Aghaji (Administrative Co-Head)
        • Irene Zielinski (Production Co-Head)
        • Vonetta Jones
        • Mya Sejour
        • Emmaundia Ali
      • University of Georgia Graduate Students in Clinical Psychology

      • PlotTwisters

      Previous Members