• Instructional Portfolio

    As an award-winning educator, Dr. Metzger has developed and taught both undergraduate and graduate courses at The University of Georgia. Additionally, she has guest lectured in undergraduate and graduate courses at various U.S. universities, including the Medical University of South Carolina, the University of South Carolina, and Georgia State University. Dr. Metzger views her teaching role as a facilitator of knowledge as opposed to the source of knowledge. Often, the best knowledge acquired about psychology is not from textbooks or lectures, and not from memorizing names and facts, but from interactions with others with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Dr. Metzger's aim as an instructor is to create a classroom environment that enhances students’ critical thinking and build their capacity to engage in topics of diversity, power, privilege, inclusion, social identity, and justice. Through dynamic lectures, her goal is to facilitate the discussion of empirical articles while integrating the life experiences and diverse perspectives of students in the class itself to learn about psychology. Dr. Metzger's ultimate goal is also to provide students with constructive and fair feedback to help them refine both their critical thinking and writing skills, and build on their personal strengths and assets in order to be of service to academia and society at large.