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    May 2021 - MedPage Today, Treating Ethno-Racial Trauma With Cultural Humility, by Kara Grant

    • Dr. Metzger trains mental health providers to be aware of racial stressors like unfair policing and racially motivated hate crimes. These stressors often occur in addition to the interpersonal stressors that require help from mental health professionals. Confronting the topic of race in therapy is critical for engaging and efficacious treatment for ethnic minorities. In this article, Dr. Metzger discusses the utility of cultural humility for clinicians from majority populations to connect with, engage, and validate the experiences of BIPOC clients so that they benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy.
    • Full article available here

    March 2021 - Future Human, Scientists Are Using Psychedelics to Help People Cope With Racial Trauma, by Emma Betuel

    • Dr. Metzger notes that there is no magic drug for racial trauma or PTSD; furthermore, while psychedelics may have enhancing effects for therapy, which is deserving of more research, they do carry risks and side effects like panic attacks. Even without drugs, therapists have a variety of techniques at their disposal, such as Prolonged Exposure Therapy or Cognitive Processing Therapy. By using therapy to help clients explore the way trauma has affected them, Dr. Metzger suggests that they can then restructure the way they view their own trauma.
    • Full article available here

    March 2021 - American Psychological Association CE e-Newsletter, Six Things Psychologists Are Talking About, Communicating with Teens During COVID by Zara Abrams

    • Dr. Isha Metzger and Dr. Riana E. Anderson discuss the development of the EMBRace—Engaging, Managing, and Bonding through Race intervention, the Racial Trauma Guide, and provide suggestions for parents and caregivers talking about race and racism with teens. 
    • Full article available here

    January 2021 - APA Monitor on Psychology, How to Discuss Race with Black Teens and their Families by Charlotte Huff

    • Dr. Isha Metzger discussed how to help Black teens and families process and problem solve racial dilemmas and how mental health professionals can incorporate race into therapy.
    • Full article available here

    January 2021 - Journal of School Psychology (2020), Parenting profiles of academic and racial socialization: Associations with academic engagement and academic self-beliefs of African American adolescents, research spotlight

    • Drs. Isha Metzger, Shauna Cooper, Charity Griffin, Alexandrea Golden, Ijeoma Opara, and Tiarney Ritchwood detailed the different ways that parents utilized academic and racial socialization. In this study, the researchers identified different parenting profiles that are associated with academic outcomes for African American youth.
    • Full article available here

    December 2020 - Georgia Health News, COVID-19 Bus Brings Help for Behavioral Health Needs by Naomi Thomas

    • Dr. Metzger noted that food, income, and housing insecurities are associated with increased risks of behavioral health concerns. As such, and in an attempt to provide comprehensive care that meets community needs, the CarePartners bus also delivers food to families in need through working in partnership with local food banks. 
    • Full article available here

    December 2020 - UGA Office of Research, Helping Minorities Navigate Racial Trauma by Allyson Mann

    • Dr. Isha Metzger discussed her research interests, background, and $1 million dollar NIH funded research study, Project NaviGAte
    • Full feature available here

    October 2020 - Medium, Social Unrest Leads to Mental Unrest: Checking in on Your Mental Health During the Black Lives Movement by Elijah Johnson

    •  Dr. Isha Metzger discussed the importance checking in on mental health and "unplugging" from social media.
    • Read the full article here

    August 2020 - Pillow Fort Sessions Podcast, Dr. Metzger the Super ResearchHER

    • Nicole Fortune and Dr. Isha Metzger talked about Beyonce, unplugging from social media and her million dollar grant to address racial trauma
    • Listen to the podcast here

    August 2020 - One in Ten, The Meaning of Healing for Black Kids and Families

    • We're back from our Best of the Best series to talk with Dr. Isha Metzger, a clinical psychologist, a University of Georgia researcher, and head of The EMPOWER Lab. But her real claim to fame: she noticed that the gold-standard treatment for children delivered at CACs wasn't working for her Black clients, dug into it, and came up with a brand-new adaptation to serve Black children and families, build their trust, and see themselves reflected in the work of healing from trauma. In fact, Just as concrete barriers need to be lowered to help families engage with treatment, the messages embedded within that treatment must include racial socialization and messages that include messages of strength, joy, pride, and voice. How can CACs and clinicians ensure they're meeting the needs of Black kids and families, or of other BIPOC kids? What are white clinicians to do to ensure that the messages in treatment fit the experiences of their BIPOC clients? And what are the implications for family engagement? 
    • Topics in this episode: What is racial socialization? How social and racial messages affect treatment outcomes; Culturally specific treatment strategies; How racial adaptations for treatment models work; Racial trauma and polyvictimization; The role of celebratory experiences in treatment; Racial justice; Diversity, equity, and inclusion; Mental health disparity
    • Listen to the podcast here

    July 2020 - Bowtie Conversations in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    • "How to Talk to (K-12) Children About Race and Inclusion" This episode of the Bowtie Convo discusses the importance of talking to children about race and inclusion. Join Host Dr. "Bowtie" Todd as he is joined by an all-star panel of educators and parents: Dr. Isha Metzger (Professor and Clinical Psychologist), The Franklin Family (Parents and Educators), Mr. Barry White (Popularized as “The Handshake Teacher”), and Rian Reed (CEO of Rian Reed & Co.)
    • Listen to the podcast here

    July 2020 - Yale School of Public Health News

    • Diverse Scholars Institute Supports Underrepresented Faculty
    • Read the article here

    July 2020 - ILY Magazine

    • Dr. Metzger discussed how to cope with heartbreak during quarantine and signs of anxiety. 
    • Access the interview here 
    June 2020 - Salone Health, Sierra Leoneans against COVID-19
    • As Sierra Leonean healthcare and public health young professionals focused on disseminating relevant and timely information to the Salone community, this town-hall presented by Salone Health discusses prevention, testing, and information sources, and feature an open discussion with a Q&A and testimonials from professionals in the Sierra Leonean community. Dr. Metzger presents information on mental health including common stress reactions to COVID-19, coping with COVID-19 related stress, discussing COVID-19 with your children, and tips for first responders!
    • Watch the webinar here
    June 2020 - Black Womxn Health Podcast, Let's Talk about Childhood Trauma, Episode 33
    • Listen to the podcast here
    June 2020 - COVID-Campus Return, Student Voices Series
    • Hosted by Dr. Isha Metzger and Dr. Maryam Jernigan
    • Watch the discussion here
    May 2020 - Voyage ATL, Local Stories, Conversations with Inspirational Dr. Isha Metzger
    • Read the interview here
    April 2020 - Georgia Health News, COVID-19 Bus Brings Help for Behavioral Health Needs
    • Read the article here
    February 2019 - APA Journals Article Spotlight
    • Many ethnic and racial groups experience higher rates of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as compared to White Americans. One explanation for this is the experience of racism, which can itself be traumatic. When traumatization is due to experiences of racism it is sometimes called racial trauma. Racial trauma can result from major experiences of racism such as workplace discrimination or hate crimes, or it can be the result of an accumulation of many small occurrences, such as everyday discrimination and microaggressions. An article by Williams, Metzger, and colleagues, published in Practice Innovations, aims to provide a context for understanding how racism can lead to a diagnosis of PTSD according to the 5th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).
    • Read the APA Journals Article Spotlight summary here
    October 2018 - On Second Thought, NPR, Georgia Public Broadcasting
    • Dr. Isha Metzger, Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Georgia, and Sally Sheppard, the Executive Director of The Cottage, a sexual assault and children’s advocacy center in Athens, GA, joined in on the national conversation about sexual assault surrounding Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Topics discussed include the psychological effects of sexual assault (e.g., repressed memories, PTSD, triggers), why women might choose to not report or disclose that they have been sexually assaulted, and the role of psychologists and advocates in healing from trauma. This episode of “On Second Thought” is available for download on NPR, Apple Music podcasts, Soundcloud, and other streaming apps.
    • Listen to the episode here
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